Get Out The Vaccine

Vaccine Outreach Leveraging Electoral Campaign Strategies

About us

We are a team of physicians and medical students of color, veteran campaign staff, and field organizers who have come together to promote vaccine access. We are committed to helping bring vaccines to those in our communities who are most in need by bringing vaccines directly to their doorstep and helping assist community members with online vaccine site registration.  

GOTV + Vaccine Outreach = GOTVax

GOTV usually means one thing: getting out the vote. But in 2021, it’s taken on a whole new meaning: getting out the vaccine in the hardest hit communities.

Our Approach

GOTVax has built a new model of sustainable vaccine outreach to help the hardest to reach populations get access to the vaccine. We combine proven campaign GOTV methods and emerging behavioral science nudges into one model with a targeted focus: making it easy for our most vulnerable to get vaccinated. We layer personal contact by health care providers who are able to answer questions about the vaccine with text, traditional phone dialer, and canvass outreach creating an echo chamber that drives messages, engages, and organizes communities to get the vaccine.

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