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Expanding Vaccine Access and Overcoming Hesitancy

Mobile Clinics Can Help Reduce Health Inequity

Mass. reaches milestone of 4.1 million people fully vaccinated. Here’s why that matters.

GOTVax: A Novel Mobile Covid-19 Vaccine Program

How get-out-the-vote strategies could help get more people the Covid-19 vaccine

Meet A Group Of Volunteers Bringing The Vaccine Into Boston Communities With Low Rates

We Can Boost Low Vaccination Rates The Same Way We Raise Voter Turnout

GOTVax vaccine outreach organizers head to Roslindale Farmers Market

GOTVax vaccinates low-income, elderly, disabled BHA residents (Boston Housing Authority)

With Help From Community Partners, More Than 2600 Vaccinated In Boston Housing Authority Clinics

Inequity in vaccinations isn’t always about hesitancy, it’s about access

Mobile vaccine effort targets Boston’s most vulnerable residents

Doctors go door-to-door at housing units asking who doesn’t have vaccine shot yet

Doctors are bringing COVID-19 vaccines to the doorstep of the needy

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